Olivia Hunt (Showjumper) 

I have three pairs of Montar breeches and love them!


Corinne Murphy

Loved riding in my Montar breeches when the sun used to shine!


Laura Durken

Like a kid in a sweet shop when these arrived last night!!! Thank you Montar UK they are GORGEOUS!  They will stay wrapped in plastic till Blenheim!!!

Nice bit of sparkle to brighten a drizzly day! Love these breeches!!

In love with my new Montar boots!! Even in this heat-fantastic!! So cool and comfortable 


Miranda Looze

Just bought, a new white breech from montar in a bigger size, I love it
Now I am waiting for the day, that montar have competition shirts, in bigger sizes.
A lot of people are searching for riding clothes in bigger sizes, and now I found it!


Melanie Scranage

I don't ride but brought the crocodile lace up boots, I wear them all the time with a pair of jeans, so comfortable and fashionable had so many comments about where I got them from! 


Simone Houterman

Testing your trendy breeches for the testriders team of Divoza! Very happy with it! Good fit and very stylish!